Every time I.masturbate this week I don't climax like I want

Every time I.masturbate this week I don't climax like I want to. It's just kinda boring to me and I'm just not stimulated. Not even with porn. I want real sex, that completely excites me, but so far my girl friend doesn't seem ready yet. And I'm sure this is one reason I am so tense and a bit hostile

Maybe if you are masturbating everyday that could be the cause of the unsatisfying climax? Like someone who smokes weed everyday, if they stop for a while then smoke again they get a better high. It is just a suggestion! Afterwards with your girlfriend, why isn't she ready?

@cocookie she said she wants to take things slow with me this time around. I’m just waiting for her

it sounds like your sensitivity threshold is heightened, this is common occurrence if too much porn is watched. what are your choices at this point? hugs to you

@Aura82 porn bores the crap out of me too. I spend more time searching for interesting videos than I do watching them

Hi @Brian36 I'm 17 an masturbate often. I had the same problem only that I wasn't in a relationship. What i did was just stop watching porn for like a few weeks and tried only using erotic literature or my imagination. using your imagination can be a little hard, at least it was to me because I was so used to watching porn so that made it interesting again and i was able to climax without a problem. Hope it helps... And about your gf... i think it is your decision if you want to wait longer or not... you can also ask her what she would be ready to do. it doesn't always have to be sex... ;) good luck

ya, masturbation isn't as great anymore for me neither, but there will come a day when you find someone else...

I'm happy being with her. Yes we did have sex. She said its not like she doesn't want to have sex with me but she lives with her mom in the same apartment and she finds that quite awkward, as do I.