I miss you guys so much, and think about yall all the time. I've just been avoiding getting on, and posting. :/ Mainly because I have nothing positive to say. I just don't want to be the negative one out of the bunch.

Anyways, I love all of you bunches.

hey kristiin,
i'm sorry you don't feel so positive. but this is not just to talk about our progress (which i dont have any either!!!) it's also to talk about struggles, doubts, worries. if you couldn't talk on here about how you really feel, couldn't tell the absolute horrid truth of ED and everything else, where else could you do it!!

if you wanna talk/post, honey, DO IT!!!

love ya and miss ya!


Kristin, I miss you!! I'm a ball of negativity lately also, so I can 100% relate. No one said inorder to post here you have to be little miss sunshine all the time, sometimes rain clouds take over and that's okay. Please keep posting!

We want to help you!! Even if there is nothing positive to say we can support you and help you see a glimpse of positivity in a not-so-great day. t us know how you're doing!!!

Sometimes we need a place to vent. To voice our concerns with assurance that those that hear us will understand. :) You need to use this site as you need it. :) I'm glad you're reaching out.



Kristin, please don't feel like you always need to be positive on here. We're here for you no matter what!