Everything has to be balanced, no? We can't just sit on the

Everything has to be balanced, no? We can't just sit on the idea that if it was meant to be than one day we'll be together. Cause faith won't put the apple in your mouth but faith might help in putting the Apple in your vicinity but you have to go get the Apple. I'm so tired of hearing if it was meant to be it'll happen. I say this to myself and I hate it. Does anyone else feel that faith needs your hand to move to make something happen?

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What you say is true and I think so as well. Fate has it's own way of letting things happen, but if you refuse to accept the things to come, nothing can happen. And honestly, in term of everyday life, you want to meet people, you have to go out. You want to go to school, you have to register. You want a job, you need to ace the interview. That's life, and not even fate can meddle with your decision.

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I strongly dislike it when people say that. It means I was meant to get breast cancer which I refuse to believe

@Namaste250 which is understandable. It would be horrible to think that.

I just feel like I put my hands to work to much in situations where the right call is to sit and wait for something to happen. But then when its a situation where maybe I should do something I end up waiting for life to take its course and seeing what will happen next.

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Hard to know. That’s what judgement is all about