Everytime a relationship ends,a partner cheats,or when i got

Everytime a relationship ends,a partner cheats,or when i got dumped (my ex left me for someone else he told me to not worry about) i cant help feel like its because i am HIV positive..i decided to stop dating..its been 1year and1month..i miss dating or being in a relationship..it gets lonely..but i feel like whats the Point..he will try and finally decide he is not cut out with being with someone infected..im tired ans i want to protect myheart but also i want to be loved

Hi. I know it may feel like it's bcuz of ur condition that this is happening to you but ppl tend to do the same as far as cheating or walking away even when their partner isn't infected. In my opinion the decent thing for someone to do if they truly had an issue with it is talk to you about it and then let you know they'd rather not be in a relationship. But if its just about cheating....a cheater is gonna cheat regardless.

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@IAmHealing thank you…I didn’t think like that because of the moment…also my insecurity about my status.I hope I can try again sometime next year when I have healed from the heartbreak

I'm in the exact same position you are, the rejection is terrible, one point they are all over you and when you finally open up to them then they ain't afraid to loose you anymore and become blatant in their escapades with other women because they feel they're your only hope at love so you won't walk away. I walked away, it felt amazing but from time to time I get flashbacks and I cry, but I still believe there's someone out there for me.

@Melaphoenix im glad you got the strength to walk away,there is nothing painful than staying when you shouldn’t…

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