Exchanges vs Calories

So what is wrong with the 'exchange system'?
Unless you have an eating disorder.
I don't know the history of the 'exchange system', which is often used in the field of nutrition. I don't doubt that it's been useful for many people who may need some structure for eating, due to any number of medical illnesses.
What I DO know is that it's likely the worst possible approach to meal planning for someone who is in treatment for an eating disorder.
If you are reading this, you likely know that the mindset of someone suffering with an eating disorder is not usually rational....

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Yes Jan!

I totally understand this. I think I was doing better with calories even though I was all over the place. I am now on the exchange meal plan and I did exactly what you said. And then i kept messing up and got confused and gave up all together. I think its not enough structure for those with eating disorders. I know that sounds weird, but I honestly think that is the case.

Thank you for posting this!


Thank you for this's hard for most people to see why this is important, but it's good to have your input! Take care...Jan ♥

Interested in what others think....What have YOU been most successful with in your recovery?
Jan ♥