Experienced Bullying Last Night?

I was out with a friend last night and we stopped by a very nice restaurant that has a beautiful lounge area. We were so relaxed and really enjoying great conversation and ambiance. The crowd was so lovely and the energy in the room delightful, until 4 men [well, boys in their early to mid-30s] walked in and started to really cause a ruckus. First, one of the boys walked up to a table of 3 women and he yanked off one of the women's hats. She grabbed it so quickly and got quite upset at him. He walked back over to his friends and started talking loudly about her "what a b_ _ _ _!". Then they'd poke fun of other people walking by. I asked our server why they hadn't been booted out. She said that she talked to the manager and they were working on it. The boys continued, and then started up with me. I was wearing a FAUX-fur vest and they started poking fun, calling me all sorts of very mature names. A table of women really laid into them and let them have it in a very mature way. And, we backed them up on it. Letting them know that they can't treat people this way and who do they think they are. It's almost as if the entire restaurant bar area joined forces against them. They hid in a corner for the rest of the night.

This just goes to show that bullying can happen anywhere anytime at any age.


what a terrible experience to go thru when u are out dining to boot

the trouble is there are too many chances given to people nowadays to continue this type of behaviour and its not acceptable, it needs to have clear and concise guidelines about what u can do about bullying in private places

rather than it taking the whole place to shut these people up it should be common knowledge u get asked once then removed that is the only way to stop these people carrying on in this way

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

I feel bad for you.

Thank you both so much! I really think that it's so awful how such energy can really bring an entire environment down. It's unbelievable. And, I was totally and completely shocked that management didn't step up and have them removed. Customers complained but they didn't do a thing, and that kept the bullies going and feeling their position of power.

yes i quite agree the management were spineless in this instance what would have happened if the rest of the clientelle voted with their feet in such appaling conditions

it should have been a clear policy to throw them out if they behaved badly we do it at clubs and pubs all the time so why not other places

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

I was just shocked that such a nice elegant venue with a normally older and more mature crowd, allowed this type of behavior and didn't even bother to approach this group to warn them. I believe that this is why bullying is still so prevalent with people of all ages; it's because people stand idly by.

Hey Puppy,
Wow, I am so sorry for your experience. How dare they speak they that way. i am so glad everyone banded together and showed them whats what...although it is a pity they didn't learn this from an earlier stage.

I've often met yobos on the streets who would shout random things, cos they are drunk on a night out. Really these people should keep their opinions to themselves, but seem to be lacking any sense of self respect or that for others.

Thanks for sharing hun.
i love those vests you are talking about...wear it with pride hun
moongal x


there u have it hon its all about lack of self respect or respect for others but while its allowed to continue we wont stamp out bullying after all these adults could have children who are learning the same values as the adults

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)