Falling asleep is once again an issue. It is so hard not to

Falling asleep is once again an issue. It is so hard not to stress about it when it occurs. I just don't understand how I am fine, for months at a time and then the inability to fall asleep pops up again. UGH, so tired and frustrated!

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It is so frustrating how it can all go away and then be triggered and it feels like all the progress you've made just went nowhere.

Thanks for posting your issue because I already take melatonin and I cannnot turn off my brain to shut down my day. I know depression comes into play. When my SO finally drifts off, the quiet, free of stress-time ends up becoming my freedom (as weird as that sounds) i seem to think better about details at that time.
But, its so out of control. i know i need to fx the schedule and join the human race again. It brings a lot of ridiculous shame. I have no reason to waste my days even if i have been sitting during a long pandemic. Wish i could figure this out.

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Try this 4-7-8 breathing technique it helped me to relax and go to sleep. I do it 2x a day (wake up and before sleep) daily. It helped me to lower my anxiety level I am more calm whenever I am in a stress situation I practice this.

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@dan523 thank you. I’m going to try this method. I recently bought liquid melatonin. If I take too much I’m groggy upon waking. To little I am still wrestles and tossing all nice. Such trouble sleeping and or getting to sleep

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