Falling down again

Just getting worse and worse now

Didn't even realise I was under the minimum BMI...again! Agh!

I have 8 A level exams next week. I can't sleep, I can't eat. I just sit here with my head hurting with anxiety thinking about fat and exams. I know i am going to fail. I can't stand it!

I even went back to my old ways and cut myself >:( haven't done that for 4 years! Things have definately got ugly in my life again.

Feel so lonely and trapped :'(

Oh Ruth, I wish there were something more I can do for you :( are you following your meal plan? This stress is just temporary, try to keep that in your mind <3

Hi Gina <3

I know it's just temporary, the thing is I'm such an overacheiver and I want to be a doctor so badly! I know I won't be able to now as my results won't be good enough :'( I have tried so hard to study, but whilst fighting ED and other things I only have so much energy to do so!

In need of a hug lol >_<

Ruth xx


Hi Ruth,

You can do this. You are an intelligent girl. Don't let ED tell you otherwise!! I know exactly how you are feeling and it's not easy trying to concentrate whilst you have a million and one ED thoughts rushing around in your head, but be strong. I am trying to write a dissertation for uni at the moment and it is tough going, like you I am sitting here stressing about not being good enough and feeling fat, thinking about food etc etc. But we CAN do this. I promise you will be great and you WILL get the grades that you want. You will make a great doctor!! Keep your chin up honey