False positive pet scan

Hi Y'all I have ben on this forum before( homesteadstencil ) but lost all my info /passwords ect , so here I am ...
Hubby is 4 months post chemo which no cancer was present, labs were perfect in August 4 months ago , and went back for his 1ST CT SCAN follow up in Nov. the scan picked up on a couple areas in the kidneys, slpeen and a couple enlarged node in the stomach area, hoever the nodes were smaller than they were on prior PETS. Dr was concerned of these areas and sent him for a PET scan which nothing showed up on any of those areas but to our surprise it did light up in the groin area and in a couple node to the bcak of his intestine and arm pit all in the lymph nodes and only about 1 to 2 cm areas. He has NO other symptoms, Labs are off the chart PERFECT his weight is good ( no loss), energy is is good, no night sweats/ no fevers. so by this time I am panicing that this is back, and the Dr mentions a biopsy, but also says it could be a FALSE POSITIVE READING ~ I haven ever head of such...Kinda like being pregnanat ya either are or ya knot, but i guess thats not the case here.
Anyone else had this ever happen?
I think I need a refill on my ZANAX!


I don't really have any advice for you at this point. My husband has his last chemo treatment this coming Friday. Reoccurence is one of my biggest fears as well. I know it is a possibility, but everything I've read said that the chances of that happening are low. I plan to get some answers from our oncologist when we go in for the follow-up PET on December 30th.

Please keep us updated on the outcome of the tests.

You are so right .. i was not prepared for any of this . I lost so many family members to cancer, Grandparents, mother , my brother is a 25 yr kidney transplant now with cancer from the rejection meds he is on. my dad 82 just found out he has skin cancer again, my step dad has demetia and lung issues from smking for yrs, it is not cancerious , but said it possibly could become , so with this all now comes what is possible a relapse with my husband,
I know God is in perfect control and knows what the future holds. however it does not make it easy to be facing this road yet again.it seems just when life seems perfect there comes a road block again. My husband says this is not a huge deal... he said " I will beat this and I will over come this ... just be strong for me and with me" I promised him I will do my best...and leave the rest to God. I pray for that miracle of healing for him and everyone who is in this climb. I will keep you all posted and learn as much as I can.
His Dr said to him. IF it has returned we will use the aggressive chemo and it can still curable... and for us to live life like it is not there...that is a very hard thing to do...Peace, grace, mercy and healingI pray for .