Family disagreements

Hi everyone.
I came here on this platform to share my thoughts about how the environment of my family has been during these 1-2 days. I find them utterly depressing. My life has been so complex lately. My mother thinks that I am jealous of my sister being loved. She is 8 . I am 17. A generational difference of ages and thought-process. Even though I talk to her normally and politely knowing that she is also growing up and I can’t expect her to listen to me all the time. I have observed my shortcomings and I accept them and I working on improving them. But she always lies about me and complains to my mom that I am scolding her or whatever. And what pisses me off the most that my mom listens to her and scolds me for it. She never says her a word even though she outrightly knows that my younger sister is lying. This behaviour of everyone generates an emotion of extreme rage. My father also never tries to understand my side and will always counsel me to admit “my mistake”. He has never ever supported me or taken my side . My mother is now blaming me of all sorts of things that I don’t want to work that’s why I create such a fuss. I know that I can be at times lazy but whenever I am told to help I never disregard that! I don’t have much of friends to talk and I feel left out at home all the time.

Sometimes family sucks and there is nothing you can do about it. My sister was much younger than me and she always got away with stuff, my parents fought all the time, moving out was freeing, 20 plus years later I have learned that home isn’t always loving. It isn’t always your safe spot. I hope in a year or so you will be able to move out and start your life.

We wanted to check in and see if you were doing okay since you hadn’t responded. Best-SG