Family doesn't understand!

Im finding it very difficult to explain to my family that my shopping addiction is a mental health problem they just dont caŕe. All they seem to care about is how much space it takes up.

Im not in debt and am trying to get help i just dont think they understand or care to. Its like a joke to them.

For instance im disabled and my mum decided im opening these boxes (which is part of the thrill for me) when i tried to explain it she just turned around to how it affects her.

Im at my wits end

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Do you a safe person you can talk to when you feel the urge to spend?

Yeah i thankfully have my best friend :orange_heart:

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I’m so glad to hear. Lean on them. I’ve learned that we make our own family. :heart:


@Tuck1 I think we should recognize that you have a shopping addiction and that your addiction affects others around you. Both statements can be true at the same time.

I don’t think it’s healthy to feel negative towards your family. Mental illnesses are hard to understand, especially for older folk.

I think it will help you to recognize how your addiction affects your family as well as yourself.