Family During the Holidays

Anyone else have a lot of conflict and problems during the holidays? Looking for some advice on how to make family occasions into an enjoyable experience. Thanks

i don’t think i know anyone who doesn’t have conflicts over the holidays. my friends and i have all been sharing stories about what we dread. i think the best way to go into it is not to let the little things stress you out. try and laugh at things when you can and just let things roll off your back.

it depends what type of conflict u are on about if u mean the gettin ready for the holiday then do as much preperation in advance as possible, if u mean the family then i suggest u run now while u have a chance but failin that just decide what is important and ignore the rest,

personally i just lock myself in the kitchen and have time out it works well and gives me a breathing space

as always loving thoughts and posiitve vibes
D :)