Family session

My family has always had problems sometimes i think were dysfunctional. My sister tried to choke me at one point in time. She doesn't like me that much. And now even less cause social services came over about it. Now were having family therapy we had to draw a picture as a family with out talking then she interpreted it after that we drew another picture while talking we had to draw something that we as a family like to do together we chose Disney land my mom was interpreted as being a bit over bearing and we were all interpreted as not having boundaries cause my dad drew on my picture my mom drew on my sisters and my sister drew on my moms. I was the only one who didn't do the even though my therapist didn't say it was breaking the rules we were then asked what role we played in the family i said i felt like the bringer downer but she described me as a mirror because i reflect what the family is like finally we had to describe our family and not surprisingly even though my mom had a hard time we were all said to be favoring one side more than the other. It was a good session we have another one coming up soon i don't know what it'll be like but ill keep you posted

congratulations on survivign your first therapy session and finding a positive in it. i dont think u really hav a disfunctional family, mayb a bit extreem compared to your friends but lots of us grow up in weird families, and the most important thing is we survive.
and as for being a mirror thats better than being a sponge that soaks up all the wrong info, your youth and resiliance will enable you to become more equiped to deal with the family as the sessions go on, good luck cant wiat to hear what happens next :)