Family Time

What are your "family time" things?

Is it a movie night with the DVD Player and some popcorn?

Or maybe it's a game board game with the family around the table.

For us, we love the movie night. And we also once in a while play Go Fish as a family, also.

Plus most night, we have dinner at the dining room table. Say 5 out of 7 nights a week.

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That is awesome!!! Right now because of my son's age we just play with him! He loves to wrestle with Da Da and loves hugs from ma ma:^) Sometimes we watch movies! We haven't been to a movie since Noah was born...he is not old enough yet! I would love to have that kind of structure in my home when they do get older! You sound like a wonderful mommy!

Much love,

Thanks! We try, but believe me, my hubby and I are far from "perfect" parents.

Your little guy is cute as a bug. (=

Awwww! Thank-you! No One is perfect at parenting!!! Man wouldn't that be nice if that was possible!!

:^) Julie