Family workout at home

great ideas on how to exercise with family and around the house:

"Ever wonder why moms with young kids have a little extra pooch around the midsection? It’s either because a.) they’re lazy; or b.) there is absolutely zero time left in the day to punish their abs at the gym. My bet is on the latter. Before kids, moms had time to head out after work for a Pilates class or get up at the crack of daylight for spin. While parents with babies still have a tiny bit of down time (i.e. when the baby is asleep but we’re not) during the day, we fill it with things like laundry, coupon-clipping, grocery shopping, cooking, brushing our teeth… Oh, the sloth!

The fact still remains that every body needs to be healthy, and growing families are no exception. You might not be able to carve an hour-long chunk for you and your leg routine at the gym, but working in training throughout the day, with your kids, is equally effective.

Around the House

Especially when it comes to strength training and stretching, spreading out activities across the day will make your gotta-get-to-the-gym stress melt away. To avoid overload, try to incorporate two of these exercises into your daily routine until it becomes habit before adding a new one."

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Interesting read, thanks for sharing!