FDA to Hold Hearing on Food Coloring Safety

For decades, scientists and doctors have debated whether artificial food dyes commonly used to add color to processed foods might cause adverse health effects, particularly in children.

Dr. Ben Feingold, an allergist, was one of the first prominent doctors to suggest a relationship between diet and behavioral problems in children, in the 1970's. After observing positive changes in both allergic symptoms and general behavior in patients who cut artificial food dyes and other food additives out of their diets, he recommended that children with behavioral disorders such as ADHD adhere to the Feingold Diet, which eliminates foods containing artificial food dyes and preservatives.

Since then there has been a great deal of scientific debate over the effectiveness of Dr. Feingold's plan for treating behavioral issues in children. But in 2004, the results of a British study of preschool-aged children strongly indicated that foods containing artificial food coloring can cause hyperactive behavior in all children, including healthy children without ADHD or other disorders.

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thanks for sharing! this is pretty interesting. i am sure things like dyes, artificial colors and preservatives affect us in some way. i will be really interested to hear if they do more studies and what they find.

I agree victoria; I’ve stayed away from all processed, artifically flavoured/sweetend/coloured foods for a year now and can only describe how I feel as “clean”

Thank you for spreading the word about the role food additives play in behavior. Dr. Feingold passed away in 1982 but his work has been continued by the parent group Feingold Association. Its website is www.feingold.org or www.school-lunch.org

thanks for the link marcia, i will have to check that out. lilac you will have to share some good food tips with us on how to stay away from preservatives. i try hard not to eat food with excess stuff in it, but its hard because it seems like all foods have something unnatural in them.