Feast or famine

After spending some time in this group. I find that it stimulates allot of thoughts and ideas. There are so many things I want to say or questions I'd like to ask that I almost want to write down a list of which things I'd like to address. So If I get involved in one I don't forget about something that caught my attention previously.

Also having ADD, temporarily forgetting, poor multitasking and things like that are just part of the package.

Maybe I actually will make a list?

Gota go for now.
Peace & serenity to All.


Make your list,Enjoy the joy of wanting to do somethng,thats a great thing...
Peace back to you

Wilted Kitty,

I like that "Enjoy the joy of wanting to do something"

I'd probably refer to that as having something to look forward to.
I like your way of saying it though, brings a fresh perspective to it.