Feel like Im at my lowest. Trying so hard with support of on

Feel like Im at my lowest. Trying so hard with support of only myself. Never have I prayed but Im thinking I need too. I dont have my kids Im a single mother who cant get assistance that is fulltime employed and trying to stand strong. Occurances have happened two big ones that seperate me from my kids and i miss them. It wasnt even somethimg Id done my self but the circle of people and their problems around me.

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Hugs and welcome my dear! We are here for you!

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I read your post and I'm a praying women who is trying to use the power of prayer to find peace in my problems. Joel Osteen has been a great source of inspiration and you should check him out if you want to try getting help in a different way.

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@haywood86 Welcome to SG! You will meet many wonderful people, here fondly called SG friends. The bottom of the page is a FAQ, it will assist you in navigating the site. The top right of this page are numerous groups, also there is a Support Someone icon, familarized yourself with them. You may join as many groups as necessary. There are Divorce, Family, Parents, and Stress groups. Remember you're not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow....