Feel so bad to day . Hate myself . Feels like life kee

Feel so bad to day . Hate myself . Feels like life keeps showing me what happiness looks like but then takes it back laughing and making sure i know i will never have any. It keeps doing it. How do you love yourself when nobody else does, some people show they don't care. Leave you when your need someone.

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I agree with CKBlossom, you have to figure out how to love yourself first. Maybe you've long neglected your Inner Child and that hole is a gaping wound inside you, leftover from your youth. When these other humans don't 'show up' for you, it Triggers major Abandonment issues?
I kept Magical Thinking that someone was going to show up and SAVE me but had to come to the realization, NO ONE is going to save me but myself. If you want recovery and SELF-healing, you have to research and do the Work.
You came on this support site for help and support rt? We are here, we are good supporters.
It's difficult to ask for help but it sounds like you need to ask for a mentor in your life.
What kind of therapy are you getting into?
Only saying these things bc I've lived a lot of years and SEEN what other humans can do to each other. You know what? Their responses are usually about THEM, not YOU. Try not to read and assume. A lot of ppl make horrible choices based on ridiculous FEAR. They don't seem to know any better, they just know they are afraid to either look foolish, humiliated, wrong or lacking in IMAGE. They lash out or ignore you. They are just ignorant of knowing how to be good friends or in a successful relationship...don't give up!

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I have tried to love myself even went to personal development events. But with my past why would I am nice and lovely. when to many people have convinced me other wise.

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I look at other people's happiness and get so jealous. It makes me think about how much is lacking in my life, and I feel like there must be something wrong with me. This might be similar to your experience? I'm looking for love more than anything really but I'm not finding it anywhere. There just has to be something wrong with me. Anyway. Sorry not trying to hijack your post here. Just got me thinking. I feel like I can relate to what you're saying.

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Sounds like you would like to move from where you are to a better
> place. My suggestion is to remember that today is the first day of the
> rest of your life. If you don’t like where you are right now you can
> CHOOSE another way.
> So now, for a new step in the new way. Before you ever leave your bed
> in the morning take a deep breath. Then thank the God who provided
> that breath. Now look around you and find something else for which to
> be thankful. Thank God again for His provision. Let your day go step
> by step following this path of gratitude. Do not let any other thought
> occupy your mind except to be thankful. Refuse all else, toss it out
> and into the garbage.
> Fix yourself something you like for breakfast and again be thankful
> for the privilege.
> There is a new life just waiting for you to choose it. I am praying
> for the clear direction. I am praying for new strength to say “I
> CHOOSE, to be thankful. I am choosing a better way.”
> God bless you dear precious one.

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it's sadly like that for all of us. People have good days, bad days, people change their minds. You can absolutely love yourself even if no one else does. Im realizing.

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Sasha 1 are you still around? How’s it going lately?