Feeling a little depressed today. Got up early this morning

feeling a little depressed today. Got up early this morning to go to a meeting not where I live because I am embarrassed and ashamed at what my life has become I really don't know when I lost control but I know I have

I think we all have to find out what is empty in us so we can start to mend ourselves in becoming better and stronger people. I know this is hard but just some thoughts. When we put our mind to things I think we just have to take baby steps. Hope this helps a little.

@got2byou thank you. Your message help a whole lot.

you lost control when you first sat down

@flyghst that is so true. I would sit at the slots and sometimes win and just wont get up. Now I am trying to get my life back. I have damaged my family so bad that I don’t know if we can every get back to the place we once was. The only support I am getting now is from my girls. They are sticking by me and I love them for that. I have set goals and will just take it one day at a time.