Feeling confused

contemplating the possibility of suicide.

ok...i would like to share a little crazy coping skill i taught myself and my children long ago....no matter what is wrong in your life....i look at myself in the mirror and yell at myself.....i compare my life to other peoples lives, and find i dont have it too bad....i tell myself to stop crying and get it together, etc, etc, etc. You r contiplating suicide.....not good! i have been that down in my life too, but had to remind myself the pain it would cause my family... i like to live by the saying " everything is fixable".sometimes it takes along time to fix things, but if u make a list and check things off as u fix them......u start to have hope...please respond....sherri

Do NOT do IT !!!

It is to FINAL !!!

I lost all hope and Faith, TRULY LOST IT, as well as TRUST.

YOU CHANGE and DIE INSIDE. NO JOKE. I was there and saw it ! Face to Face.

Suffered from Trama, attemtpted murder, stalking, crimes, law enfocement abuse, loneliness and not being understood, PTSD, Lost everying home/carclothing/shoes/pets/things you can never replace, nothing went well or right, friends stealing from m during it, PLUS MORE, I suffered.

BUT some how I am still here.



There are great Moments too ! We all have them, even in the BAD...

It took me Years to recover, find a new career path, even moving to another country... Searching for ME !

Im BACK, screwed up still but I made it through the Hardest part.

I am here searching for help, guidance and support !

I am ready to POP or Snap but I am here. Trying.

Suicide is a cop out... It is not an answer.

The trick is to LIVE LIFE... Get through the bad to get the good moments and times

OH and there is always someone worse off then US...

I know it is all so hard to face, handle, deal with and so on. HARD ! But we can, and we can go far and face death of the soul and We CAN COME BACK !!!

Dont think it. Your to good for that.

Please ! Try, be strong and when you get the urge to think about it, write, talk watch and funny or scary movie, get a hobby, something to replace that urge and thought !

Something Positive that will make you smile !

Nothing is that BAD. Trust me.

I HAVE TRULY SEEN IT ALL... Rape, Murder, stalking, Illness, Pain, Abuse, mental strain, BAD people, etc...

But I came through it and am Looking for answers to keep me strong and up !

Hope has return mostly but trust is... still long gone, but I am trying...

REALLY LOOK at your life and situations... REALLY LOOK.

Nothing is that bad, this is your one and only life, that we know of... So treasure it !!!

Thank you very much to both people who responded to my brief, very depressed message. I’m okay right now. I’m very frustrated with my upstairs neighbor because of the noises she creates and I’m woefully behind in my grad school term, which ends in about a week and a half. But, I’m moving forward anyway. You’re both right: my life is more secure and protected than many people’s lives and successful suicide is permanent. Right now, in this moment, I don’t want to die. I want to figure out how to work with my neighbor to find a mutually acceptable solution to our apartment house sharing problem and, most of all, I want to recover my term in school.

So, tonight I’m working on a paper that’s overdue. I hope to be able to submit it either before I go to sleep tonight or in the morning. Then, on to other overdue school assignments. My plan is to just keep working through school projects over the next several days and hope for the best.

Thank you, again, for the wise words of understanding and support. I really appreciate this online community.


and YES take one step at a time, tackle the little things one at a time.

You will see as you solve one thing and then even another you will feel better, but fight any feelings to slip or give in if somehting does not solve or go your way.

Remember Solutions are Solutions and many times we may not like them but they are there and OK... Usually the solutuon we find and not like might be the best for us, or not really matter in the long run.

I struggle every day, but I am getting there. ALWAYS SHARE in a SAFE PLACE like this.

You will get there, your NEW FRIEND !!!

Ciao and Peace always !!!