Feeling down this morning is wed and only text from my kids

Feeling down this morning is wed and only text from my kids and that really hurts not been able to talk to them.how can i think of the holidays under this conditions.trying to find a lawyer it's not easy especially now with the holidays around the corner and filing for divorce on the holidays would not help my situation.Really having problems dealing with not knowing what's next.I'm only good if I agree to whatever she wants if not I'm an ahole.I just want to be able to spend sometime during their Christmas

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That's super sad. : ( The problem I see with waiting because of holidays is there will ALWAYS be a holiday. Learn from my experience. When I first heard my husband call me Sarah on the phone and my name is Cathy, I was done with his bee ess. But Thanksgiving was coming up. Then our dog died, so I couldn't pull the plug with our kids being upset about the dog. Then there's Christmas. A parent can't bear the idea of frowns during Christmas when there should be sugar plums dancing in the kid's heads for corn sakes. Then there's Valentines day. The kids will be angry at Mommy/Daddy for filing near Valentines Day. Oh, no, then there's the Easter Bunny, Summer Bible Camp, and Tommy's birthday. Then before you know it you're back to Halloween, Charlie Brown, the pilgrims and turkey, and then it's Christmas and sugar plum fairies again. I mean, naturally you should get legal advice about visitation and stuff. But it's been my experience the holiday will prevent you from moving on with your life FOREVERRRRRRRRR if you let it.

Thanks for the advice and you are right about the holidays.what to expect don't now at this time i came to the conclusion that i feel my xw just love to aggravate me .what can I do to somehow reach some sort of conversation to handle this situation.

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@Angelc68, that sounds tough to resolve because you want to be able to see your children unhindered. : ( Do you think a mediator could help you two iron out the glitches and disagreements in your visitation schedule? I hope you get to spend a lot of time with your precious children soon and thru the holidays.

I don't mean to be intrusive asking this, but I'm wondering if your wife would be willing to go to counseling with you to talk about these issues.

Not a chance she's an alcoholic on denial and that makes a harder.She lives on her own world rigth or wrong .I really feel like I Failed to my kids not able to stay with them but that's what I'm concentrating on doing.Took the time and contacted a lawyer not much I can do mother always keep the children and not much I can do about how she takes care of them .sucks because at the end the kids will now how bad it is and why I hanged for so long until they were old enough to somehow speak up and be clear on what's rigth or wrong.Hopefully they will go to college and view life the right way.

@Angelc68 mothers always keep the children ???
if that is what your lawyer is saying you need a new lawyer .