Feeling down today. Has anyone had any success at dating sin

Feeling down today. Has anyone had any success at dating since being diagnosed with HSV2? I don't want to be alone forever but am fearful of rejection and the look on their face when telling them you have this std that will NEVER go away. Feel disgusting/ashamed/embarrassed.

I just found out I have genital herpes and am in a relationship. My boyfriend has been super supportive and didn't even contemplate leaving me. He doesn't think it is nearly as big a deal as I do. I have a female friend who has had both oral and genital herpes for years and she has only had one guy reject her because of it. Herpes is much more common than you think because nobody talks about it. Try and stay positive. The right guy will love you no matter what.

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Thank you :) made me tear up! I really appreciate the positivity.

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When I found out I had herpes the guy that I had casually been seeing for 9 months rejected me big time but since then I met two guys who had no issues with it although were useless and I have told several others who have no issues with iy I think sometimes you just don't know which way it's going to go and you just have to take that risk and at the end of the day it is entirely their decision and you can't blame yourself for that. some people see it worse than what it is and that's why they make the choice not to take the risk but others are a little different And are ok.

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I found out I had HSV1 about 3 weeks ago. The guy who I had been casually seeing was a bit put off at first, but when I told him more about it he was okay. I think it's good if, when/if you tell them, that you can explain the risks and really know a lot about herpes.

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Thank you both. It makes me have hope that I can still find someone to love and spend the rest of my life with. There is still hope for me after all :)

Yes indeed

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