Feeling frustrated and angry with my wife as I continue to u

Feeling frustrated and angry with my wife as I continue to unfortunately have hard time with her attention to her minister guys. There young and it seems got it all together like I don’t.

Wait, are you saying these guys are actually ministers, as in pastors? That seems inappropriate for ministry. What is she in a cult or something?

No they are pastors on TV it’s my jealousy issues as usual

@Tgipper1961 no one stays physically young forever.

Yes your right but I just struggled I have no teeth so I’m self conscious

@Tgipper1961 So wait. Am I understanding you correctly? You’re jealous of her watching dudes on TV? What is she totally obsessed? Or you just feel so bad about yourself you can’t dal with a normal woman watching a sermon? Trying to understand where you’re coming from, friend.

Your right I need a lot of mental health help now. I’m not doing well with my addictions

@Tgipper1961, Well I wasn’t judging you. Just attempting to understand where you’re coming from. Sad you’re going through all of this. Is it possible you feel like you maybe should be more spiritual like these guys, because your wife would appreciated it? I mean maybe it has less to do with your appearance, and more to do with the fact you wanna grow to be a person your wife would be more in sync with so you’re closer.

But I feel controlled and obligated to have to do what she does. I’m very spiritual in my own ways.

@Tgipper1961, I’m sorry. I was merely asking if it was possible you would like to be closer with your wife on a really emotional level. But no one should feel obligated or controlled into being spiritual or religious. Even the Bible, where Jesus talked about faith, and his disciples wrote about it, all of them taught we have a free will to choose our destiny. None of us can be forced to believe. Even if a person faked it, because someone expected it, God would most certainly know it was fake. So why bother? Either you want to walk with God or not and no person has the right to tell you how to walk with God or in what way. Teachers only teach that so we can learn it if we’re interested. Lots of those televangelists are fake too, as I’m sure you know. I was only speculating that maybe the insecurities you have about your wife might have more to do with your wanting to connect with her on a deeper level, but not being able to for whatever reason. I apologize if I misunderstood or miscommunicated it.

Not at all thank you your support I need to be spoken to honestly

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@Tgipper1961, just curious. Does your wife know you feel this way? Or is it just something you’re struggling with but don’t want to burden her with?

She knows everything about me. My struggles with all my addictions

@Tgipper1961, and yet, she’s still there. Still loves you. However you have this overwhelming insecurity?

I know but in many ways I never wanted to be married but just stay

@Tgipper1961, interesting. You never wanted to marry, yet you did. Did your wife know that as well? Did you even know it back then?