Feeling like crap the last few days. Lots of family drama go

Feeling like crap the last few days. Lots of family drama going on. My parents have never been a help to me.. They are always the needy ones. It's like I'm the parent.. Ugh. So I have no family support when times get tough. Its hard to explain what this feels like to people. Every day tasks are becoming more and more of a dreaded chore. I have 2 teens that rely on me. I wish I could snap out of this mood like many people think I can do.. Unfortunately I can't. My husband isn't a support to me either. He ignores me all day because he doesn't want to deal with me. So here I sit in my bed trying to snap out of it. It's just not happening today.

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I can tell you that you are not alone... im going through the same thing... my parents got a divorce and my parents depend on me (youngest child) for everything... i feel like the parent also... when my dad had to move in with me it caused alot of tension in the house with my husband ... caused alot of stress cause i to have 3 children of my own and with my parents problems on top of it all is just hard!!!!
Hang in there and hope things turn around for you!!!

My parents are divorced as well. It would take me days to explain the dynamics of my family! Ugh my dad was an alcoholic when me and my 2 older siblings were younger. Needless to say his years of alcoholism has destroyed a little part of all of us. I'm the youngest as well, that supposedly has it all together.. But that's the farthest from the truth. It would be nice to have their support but at this point I know it will never happen. Thanks Jeweliyah! I hope things get less stressful for you as well!!

You just described me life completely .... my dad was an alcoholic also... they think im the one with it "all together" its crazy how some people are really going through the same exact thing....

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You are not alone Jeweliyah... I have been through years of therapy to try to heal my so called inner child that never felt protected as a kid. I don't think anything will ever heal those scars. I know none of it was my fault but I was damaged in my dads violent alcoholism years. It's always a work in process to let it go. I definitely would not be the person I am today if I didn't have to go through that. I chose a different path and I always make sure my 2 kids feel loved. I'm sure my depression/anxiety comes from my traumatic past. Especially when the stress gets to be too much.. I start to shut down. Not a good feeling. I'm here to chat anytime. I'm not always at my best but sometimes I think the less I care about things.. The more I express myself. I dunno why this happens.. I guess everything happens for a reason..

Thank you and likewise i am here for you as well if ever you need to talk or vent :)
As moms we try are best to make our children not feel the hurt we did as children and i too try my hardest to make each one of my children to just feel loved! And to let them just be children not have to worry ...

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Citizenm.. I think I'm guilty of this sometimes as well. I want so much better for my kids than what I went through.. I can see sometimes that they expect a lot from me.. When we should be helping each other out. Since they are in their teens. I should be teaching them independence... And self reliance instead of me doing so much for them. It's a delicate balance.. But I am mindful of it. I don't want to be raising kids that feel they are entitled to what they want without helping out at home.

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@citizenm you did the best you could. It's is by far the toughest job in the world. It sounds like you wanted better for them as well. I'm sure they will realize this at some point in their lives