Feeling like I know the answer to this and it is killing me

Feeling like I know the answer to this and it is killing me emotionally :(

The answer to what ?

@PinkLove1 Being hsv 2 positive

OK so you are now one of our little group so welcome. let me tell you straight up it does get better. what you need to do is gain as much information as you can about the virus and that will make it a lot easier for you. you need to challenge the negative thoughts going on in your head because they are going to be fairly untrue. what impacts people the most is the outbreaks but these can be managed and I thought of never being able to find someone and it is not true. remember there are many people who have herpes who are leaving a normal life and are in relationships so it is not as bad as you think. but you have to do the work to overcome the negative thoughts. with so many people having The virus people are less judgemental and have a good understanding of it

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@lisajd I have not tested positive yet, but from what I’ve read I think I will be. it is a little scary to think about it you know? but thank you

I think that once you get tested it will be a relief so just go and do it. and believe me if you have got it it is not the end of the world

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