Feeling like I've screwed up my life beyond repair. I want t

Feeling like I've screwed up my life beyond repair. I want to leave everything and everyone behind and just start over as someone new. I want to meet people who don't know all of the stupid things I've done to sufficiently destroy previous relationships (including/especially non-romantic) and my life and be someone else. I'd probably screw that up too, though, so there's no point.

It's Alright.It's okay to let go of the thorns in your memories. Staying in the under the sunbeam for too long would give you sunburn. So it's okay to stop holding on the painful memories that's holding you back from what you could possibility live and appear in, in this time and space. Move forward, we'll hear your stories. The future of many doors :)

I am a 56 year old female with bpd, I left Florida and my whole family about 10 years ago. I have had trouble with establishing friendships,but I stopped hurting my family daily. This is a lonely life I have now. I did get my daughter back in my life and I struggle to not hurt her anymore than I already have. Working on making our relationship a good one, it is worth the effort. Never give up on yourself, that is when this disease wins. I really don' t know what is good advise but I hope this helps.