Feeling lonely, getting ready to file for my legal separatio

Feeling lonely, getting ready to file for my legal separation from my husband. Decided to call a truce for the holidays. But yanno, with him cheating, it's hard to really feel like I have a life. I'm in between, I'm not single, but not married, but not divorced. So I joined the divorce group. Oh well. I hope everyone here had a good holiday and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

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Sorry you’re so down Scat. Did you enjoy Christmas? I know exactly how you feel about being in limbo. I felt that way until my divorce was final.

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@Fiftyyoung Yes, that’s how it is, limbo. Thank you for empathizing. : )

I had an okay Christmas til my son had to leave prematurely and I found out my daughter (the one I told you about) didn't want my Christmas gift. But everyone has family troubles now and then, so.

Thank you, we are always here for you. I wish you a great new year, and a year of him crashing into himself, and away from you.

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@lilynameless Thank you for always being here for me. Truly appreciate it.

I am thinking of you! No having a partner cheating on you is unacceptable. Good luck!

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@Kosie94, thank you. And you’re right that it is unacceptable to me.

@Scat my heart and positive thoughts are with you. Although I have not been where you stand, I feel myself in a sort of limbo, I am in a relationship, but not at the same time. As I write, my dog is giving me kisses (its funny to realize my dog has given me more kisses, love, and hugs in the 6 months I have had him than my husband has in 7 years). The point being, find one thing that makes you smile (for me it is my dog) and enjoy that for the moment.

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@Kiaya_saya, thank you. Yes, my dogs make me smile as well. I have three rescues. They were dumped at the shelter exactly a year ago the day after Christmas. We adopted them just after New Years.

The closest relationship I have is with my rescue dog, Bertie. A dogs love is totally unconditional and a special bond that makes your heart sing. Bless them all. Focus on the positive Scat and loving yourself. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs

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@Forestcrochetgirl Please give precious Bertie a pet for me. : )

Did you join DivorceCare?

@Barb4514 No not yet, there are none where I live and I don’t have regular access to a vehicle at the moment. With ill health and all, i went ahead and got on their email list and that was pretty okay for a year.

One day at a time. It is not easy yet possible to get through this challenge. I hope for all things work out for the best of everyone. Hugs

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@Technofreak, thank you. I certainly do too. : )

Merry Christmas! I hope it gets better.

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@josepedro, thank you, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Scat, thanks for your reply. Bertie has had a cuddle from you. Thank you. Hope today has been a better day for you? My ex husband betrayed me but at least had the decency to leave and marry the woman. Funny she was Italian and I still love going to Italy and eating Italian food! This was nearly 30 years ago so a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. I was 29 when this happened and it coincided with the Saturns return in my astrological chart. I'm heading for another Saturns return now which is shaking everything up alright. It happens every 29 years. Happy New Year Scat and look forward to new possibilities. x

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@Forestcrochetgirl Dang, I wish my betrayals and treachery only happened every 30 years or so. : ( I hope it doesn’t get too bad for you, though I personally don’t believe in Astrology anymore. I love the Italians, Italian food, Italian decor, Italian language, Italian friends. So beautiful. I’m glad that terrible woman didn’t taint your likes for Italian. Gelato, so beautiful. And happy new year to you too.