Feeling lost and alone

I used to be able to go to a weekly support group. I was told that after graduating from the IOP program I could always go to that group. After a few insidents where I was sent away by ambulance I am told that I can never go to the group again. The last time had nothing to do with the group, but instead after having issues that really upset me at another clinic I got myself there when I was feeling totally out of control. I was told that with the diagnosis of BPD the group was not apropriate for me even though others with it go to the group. The particular group was free. I was told to find another group, one for those with BPD. I have tried and can't find anything locally. I know that online support is not enough for me group wise. I feel like I am going to end up in the hospital again.

I am sorry you are off line right now but I read your post and am so sorry you are trouble finding support and care.
many people have trouble with BPD because our emotions can be so out of control. A support group just for that would be perfect. I looked real hard for a year but did find a DBT group that is done on a sliding scale so affordable for me. I have taken this series of skills for close to a year and things are beginning to feel good. so perhaps you can find such a group.
to attend a group when you are out of control takes a special group. look for a NAMI group in your area the have a group called Connections and one called CARE that you can walk into.
for now work on stability. takes work.

I do go to a DBT group but it is and instruction group and not a process group and we were told we should discuss things in our other groups. Thanks for your advice. I am continueing to look for a new group.

are they teaching you the skills at your class? Hope so it has really changed my life. good luck finding more.

Yes, it is a skills class. There have only been 2 sessions so far but it seems like it is going to be very helpful.

yes we are required to maintain the relationship with our therapist because that is where we relate our use of the skills in our daily life.

Good for you hang in there this has been truely life altering for me. In December I will be completing one year in the skills class and I do intend to sign up for another round. I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

Tonight I get to get together with a group of moms that are usually very supportive. Only one of them knows much about what I am going through but they are great about being supportive. I do not plan to let them know more because I think that is what chased away too people that I really thought of as friends. Instead of being disappointed that they left the Bunco group and in other ways don't do things with me anymore I am going to Bunco tonight just glad that the people that will be there are there. I will make sure I have a good time. I know that I deserve some fun in my life but that I have to make it happen.

My daughter is also home from college for the weekend. She has the word LOVE written on her arm in support of people with depression. I know she is doing this because her close friend was recently diagnosed but I think it will be a good time to try to open up more to her about myself.

Sounds like a full fun filled weekend. Hope your evening out with the ladies was terrific and glad you can share time with your daughter all weekend. Keep us posted on how terrific it is.

Last night I had fun. There were a few people subbing so the group was a little different than usual. I tied for most losses at bunco. The other person's scorecard was picked as the one for the prize but she also had traveling. They let her choose between the two and gave me the other prize. I wish she had picked the traveling prize as I would have rather gotten the money prize of my $5 back since we are strapped for cash. It is ok though since I can use the prize as a gift for someone else this Christmas.

Bunco I hear so much good about it but have never seen it played or played it myself. It does sound like you had a fun time and a prize to boot how terrific was that. great that you went and enjoyed keep up the good work!

I really like how bunco gets you to mix around a lot because you have to switch partners each round and one of the couples switches tables each round

Sounds fun perhaps I will try to find someplace to play.

I have never tried Bunco, but I agree it sounds like fun!

It was fun but like everything else I try to do to socialize it didn't last long before the group dissolved