Feeling lost and tired of being alone

Feeling lost and tired of being alone.

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Oxoxoxox your not alone love

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We are here for you!!!

There is someone out there for us all.

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Thank you!! It just feels like it sometimes.

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So sorry, how long have you had herpes?

I've had since March this year.

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@emydash88 So sorry, I have had it since August of 2014. Let me know if you need to talk.

Ive met 2 guys who are ok so have faith

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This made me giggle :)


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Why so?

I dated 2 Guys and they both left in different ways once I explained what I had.

I feel the same way. Sharing anything with anyone is pretty scary. I know rejection is the worst that could happen, but I have experience ridicule. I want to lead a relatively normal life without that mess. Ugh. I hope the best for you all! Thank goodness there are others out there that understand.

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I am wondering whether the difference in peoples age makes a big difference. I am in my forties and in no way have I been ridiculed treated less or anything at all like that.