Feeling lost... I need a couple of nights away from my kids

Feeling lost... I need a couple of nights away from my kids and don't feel bad about it.. The stupid mistakes my kids make makes me doubt myself as a parent. They can't follow simple advice/instructions.. I'm depressed and lonely and am tired of being a single mom..

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mjoyce444 I was going to do an errand, when I saw your post. Yes, your feelings of Exhaustion, Depression, and Lonliness. Yes, feelings I seen, and heard before...... Not my own feelings, but my mother's. I am the result of a single mom, with 2 other siblings. I could write a book of her struggles, and her Strength! In addition she suffered with Depression , and Loneliness....... At times she felt to give up, but she hanged on! She loved her kids, regardless of what she was going through emotionally on a daily basis...... Also her kids, all did well for themselves, eventually. And so would yours......Yes, time past, and kids
grows up!
I am so grateful for my mom! Be strong the best is yet, to follow..... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Hugs, my friend.

It's easy to get frustrated when you don't get a break. Happens to me all the time. No one wants to watch them,everyone has their own plans,list of excuses from the dad,etc. Been there,trust me. As for your kids making mistakes,they all do. That's a part of learning. Try showing them the right way to do it,without showing your frustrations. I know it's difficult sometimes. No Parent is perfect. Try finding a sitter for a night a week and get out and breathe. Good luck. :) Welcome to sg,by the way.

I do love my kids and want nothing but great things for them.. I'm very overwhelmed..