Feeling really down

Feeling really down

I’m really sorry to read that.

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I understand the feeling. I’m sorry. It’s important to know we’re not alone. One thing we can be sure of is that life is unpredictable and can change at any moment. There is hope in that. Stay strong, fighter!

Knowing I’m not alone has never made me feel better

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If you’re feeling down, not because of a situation or event, then I suggest taking multivitamins and/or drinking tea that promotes good feelings if you haven’t tried those suggestions. If you’re fulfilling all your needs, but you still feel empty or dissatisfied, try out therapy that involves your inner child if you grew up with caregivers who didn’t provide love, nurturing, and emotional support.

How are you doing Jordan?

Not great

Anything I can do to help?

Not that I can think of

Well if you do, let me know, hugs!

what helped me over the years, is checking in with my basic needs. You already know this, so I will remind you. Eat fish, sit in the sunshine outside. Juzt sit and watch the birds, and dont focus on being alone. You are with yourself. Makr sure you are eating and avoid alcohol and caffeine of all sorts, these are linked to depression big time. And lastly, limit your time with people who make you feel like the bottom side of a disposable napkin. You dont need people to be happy. You dont need people to laugh, but you need people yo have a healthy sense of belonginh. Once you feel better, youll start to have positive relationships with appropruate boundaries so you dont slip into clingy or painful energy. You are strong. Focus on a goal even if it is going to a coffee shop, bring something to read that will bring you to your dream life. just daydream life. allow yourself to want what you want. first step