Feeling really teary the last couple days. I t just hits, it

feeling really teary the last couple days. I t just hits, it seems for no reason and my anxiety is high. Just had to share some. Hope all is well...wish I had more to offer, but just spent right now.

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Awww, so sorry sweetie....cry it out and let it all go.... we love you girl. Get yourself out for a nice walk this evening or in the morning....it will do you soooo much good!

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@mechele Thanks Mechele. I did go for a walk, didn’t get too far as it is 39 c here with the humidex, but it did help …to just leave here for a bit.Hubby hugged me up, but I had to let go and get some space. We are doing well, and he is gonna work from the base soon, maybe another one or two deployments, then I should have him closer. Thanks for checking in and your support. I think it is meno hormones, but I did release the tears…hoping they stay away.
I hope you had a good day and did not have to work too hard, you sound like a real work mule, as Dad use to say …East Coast term …it is a compliment …haha. lots of care to you.