Feeling sad and terribly lonely. i consider myself a nice p

feeling sad and terribly lonely.
i consider myself a nice person, very shy and a bit socially awkward but nice...
i just dont attract people. why is so difficult to bond with people, and make friends?
does anybody feel this way?

I am socially awkward too, and because of that some people find me off putting.

i know the feeling...

@anamulderx So let me ask, how are you?

On the plus side I LOVE people who are socially awkward. I think they make the best friends.

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Your picture is lovely. You remind me of a porcelain doll.

@MagiaMoonlight thanx for your sweet words and compliment :slight_smile:

Hi, I know and understand how you feel... I am extremely awkward when, I'm faced, with any social environment. I'm not a people person at all so, if anything, I choose to avoid these situations, totally... Then however, the problem with putting 'Walls-Up' to protect myself, from being hurt, ignored, humiliated, awkward etc... I find my life, Very 'Insuluar'... It's like, a 'Catch 22' situation or, in other words... 'A No Win'... I think however, when I used to 'Put Myself Out There', because I am quite, socially awkward and different, people would not 'resonate' towards me, they would go the other way so, I would be, 'On My Own'... Again! So I get you. I really do... If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you or If you want to 'PM' me, I will support you. Either way, I'm here ok... Sent with love, Trish x

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@Osultrus Trish, thanx so much, sure we can pm anytime!!!
thanx for showing support, i need it today so bad!
thanx thanx and talk any time you want

Yes, i do too - you're definitely not alone in this

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@theendofit i send you a big hug :slight_smile:

@anamulderx I would also like to point out that I love iced coffee and chocolate, both of which sound incredibly appealing right now.

Anyways, I think that a lot of people feel like we do. Its hard to find someone whom we feel comfortable enough to connect with. I think my issues stem from the fact that it is hard for me to trust people now, because when I was younger I trusted everyone and it backfired on me. Still, I have hope that I am not a lost cause. Every now and again I meet great people and I feel close to them.

yes, definitely talking to someone does help! thank you so much.
im sorry you dont feel that great, i know the feeling too well...
to me its hard to trust people too, mainly guys, which makes it hard to be in relatio nships, but hey, lets take it step by step :)

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I totally can relate. You are not alone at all. Glad this is a place to go and talk things through.

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