Feeling sad

Its Ana again. Just trying to see where is where I have to write.
I am feeling kind of deppressed lately and want to know if I can talk to a therapist through here.

But also I just want to talk to someone. I started working like 5 months ago, after not working for 4 years. and it is a really good thing. But lately, i've been down because at work sometimes I dont get things and have to be explained a lot of times and it stresses me. I just wish I did'nt have this.

It has been really difficult and sometimes feel alone, that no one understands me. My family nor my husband get me, or try to understand me. they dont read the information explaining MS and they sometimes critize me,or just want to pretend like everything is the same and I dont have anything ,and think I just make things up. Because on the outside I look fine. But no one knows what I feel and are thinking inside.

Sometimes I feel really dumb,but later I can realize that I still have cognitive issues. Since it is where I was more affected.

Just feeling really down and don't know *** to get back up, like I always do.
Thanks for whomever is reading, just for reading.

Hi Ana,

Thank you so much for sharing. I am really happy that you got a job. Congratulations! I understand how you might feel down that somethings you need explained but I think that is very normal because you are starting something new. Don't feel down about it. People around you are there to help and feel okay about asking for help.

congratulations on the job! i love that i can always come here for support i really do appreciate being able to write down my thoughts and then support others. your family may not understand your pain but your pain is definitely real. some of the time its hard to get back up but just reaching out is a way that i get back there. good luck


Feeling better today. Thank you very much abner and browngirl. It really helps to know someone understands and is here to listen. I am really glad that I signed up to this website and hope you are all doing well.Thanks for the good luck wish! right back at you!

Hi Ana, what you wrote, is what i feel,i just sign in and saw what you wrote and tought it was me writing it,do you have alot of fatigue also?

hope your ok louise

Hello Louise!
Thank you for sharing. I am feeling much, much better. Do you also have MS?
One of the things that has helped me a lot since I last wrote is that you have to be very positive and strong and to not let anything bring you down. I know it is very hard sometimes ,but we can do it! I am a very stubborn person ,so I am using it in a positive way for my benefit. That and discipline for excercising is going to help us a lot.

Hope you feel better and that my advice helps you.
Keep strong
And remember everything that you think, you feel and you attract. So, think positive!

hey ana, i don't know much about MS myself unfortunately but i think using this site will definitely help you a lot simply for the fact that people understand and don't judge.

if you're still looking for a therapist to talk to maybe contact vic directly (manager of this whole site), she could possibly point you in the right direction.

otherwise, are there any MS sepcific online forums you could sign up to?

i hope everything will get better for you. stay strong in your job, it's another way of getting back to 'normal' life and i'm sure if anything it'll make you stronger.

take care of yourself

Thank you Maedi,
Your advice helped me a lot.I am feeling much better and appreciate everyone that writes to me. Thank you
Take care

i'm glad you find the suggestions helpful. keep using the site, even just to share what's going on. it will help :-)

lots of love

This video moved my friends , It Montel Williams talking about his MS -
hope ypu like it as much as I do!