Feeling so lonely, tears in my eyes. I get upset over nothin

Feeling so lonely, tears in my eyes. I get upset over nothing, I feel so **** pathetic :(

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I have been very lonely recently too. I think it leads to getting upset over nothing. It sucks!

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@ColaWars maybe so… Just feel so pooy… Like when you get some news that isn’t a big deal but hits you with a wave of emotion… :confused:

is there something that you really enjoy doing right now?

@Ben85 not really, I’ve been doing some drawing today but other than that I can’t do anything, I’m living at my dad’s with no job ( I am looking)

Wanna talk about

@seeknhappyness214 its something really silly :frowning:

Nothing is silly enough to lead to depression your not alone

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@seeknhappyness214 I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, well I hope not… Just my boyfriend just said to me he is going back to England for two weeks, right near my birthday. I live in France, in the country with not much to do. He is going to see his mum but the main reason he is going back is to see his mates that I don’t know or trust. Last time he was there he took cocaine behind my back. I’m his first girlfriend and I’m scared his friends will influence him to get with an other girl…

yeah the whole out of proportion unpleasant emotional response is often a part of depression.

@Northguy well that isn’t very good. I don’t know what depression is, well the symptoms. My reality is feeling lonely, not doing anything with my life because I am looking for a job and have no money. I was in an apartment for two years during my studies, life was great and now I’m back at my dad’s with no money and all my boyfriend crap

If you need anyone I am always here. I understand what you are going through.

@ashball0127 if you don’t mind :frowning:

@cocookie do you have a number we can text.

@ashball0127 I live in France and don’t out my number sorry D:

@cocookie I can give you mine.

@ashball0127 if you live in America it wont work and will coast us loads