Feeling so worthless!

I can't believe I am posting because I am kinda upset about something, and I said I wouldn't post but anyways, I am kinda feeling weird/sad about something that happened today, well I was out and about and I ran into this person that uses to bully me and we talked a little bit but it was so weird and I just feel sad cuz it just brought me back to all of the memories of her bullying me and that's like all I can't think about right now and I just feel so worthless now. I know I need to forgive her and move on but it's just hard especially when I ran into her. I know the past is the the past but sometimes what happens in the past can really affect the present and the future! I just feel so lonely and just feel like why would anyone love me. I just feel like I am nobody! I am a waste of skin!


It's the past, you are not a waste of skin so stop thinking that you are, and forgive that person and let it go....

Go enjoy your life......and look to the future.

Like said I know it's the past, and I know I should let it go but it's not like I have a magic want that's going to make me let it go or it's not like I can just say ok I will let it go, that would be a lie and it doesn't work that easy. I wish it was though it me really nice.

well, as long as you keep thinking about it you are going to re open that old wound, right? Try to find something to fill that void, something good.

It's not a lie if you say "Let it go" In your mind you start the process to change your thought pattern by saying that, Yes, it's true that it just does not go away....But it will go away sooner than later.

Well I can say I will let it go but the truth of it is I haven't let it go. I wish I could stop thinking about it but no matter how hard I try I just can't stop thinking about it.
Thanks for your support.

dear princess, something i used to say was i give love and acceptance to the way i was during the bully girl the way i was after the bully girl and the way i am now. i give love and acceptance to the bully girl the way she was when she was bullying me and the way she is now. these little words and their form used to help me alot. God has a way with His words that He loves us and wants us to be happy in His loving acceptance of each other and in His Grace He provides a waye for us to nurture ourselves to do this. i hope this might work a little for you to feel a little better. all my best and i sure care how you are feeling. i understand how people from the past can bring up old issues and make one feel uncomfortable for awhile.

with love and acceptance, marie