A while ago, I was making really great steps- I told a friend about my ED and she gave me a number to call to make an appt. But now I feel very stuck. I am scared to get help, cause I'm scared to gain weight. I really don't see how weight gain would NOT occur... I also feel a little trapped because I work 9-5 and the place that my friend told me to go to is only open M-F 9-5. I usually have lunch with my family (and I REALLY don't want them to know anything), so with all these hurdles, I continue to struggle on my own. It's just a bummer of a day...

(Sorry for the depressing-sounding post!)

Hi...getting help will definitely mean changes, in your routine and yes, possibly in your weight...because if you are at too low of weight for you to recover from the ED, it's futile to seek help.
Weight is only one aspect of recover, but it's the initial step to restoring your ability to process and think clearly so that you can make necessary changes. Please do what you need to do for yourself! It's likely that your family knows there is something going on, and if they don't, who's to say that they might not be your biggest support? Take care, and please seek help! Jan ♥


Thanks for the support! I suppose saying something like "but I'm NOT at a too low weight" could just be ED talking. As far as talking with my family, I'm worried because I know my mom sufferred from ED when she was younger, so throughout my childhood it was constantly ingrained into me to not go down that route. Evidently that was a useless attempt her part as here I am. So telling her would just irritate/disapoint/anger her cause obviously I didn't listen to her advice.

I really do want to find someone to talk to and seek help. I am determined to do so.

Thanks for listening,

I just joined this group yesterday, and I’ve found so many stories and comments that I can totally relate to. I too, was just given some contacts from a friend, but I’m not sure if I want to chance a weight gain, especially with my wedding coming up in less then 6 months. Not sure, how quickly I will call on this number.