Feeling unsure at the moment. I read a full article to my hu

Feeling unsure at the moment. I read a full article to my husband about emotional abuse, and his answer to me after asking him if this sounds like you? He stated, No. I just left the bed and went to my safe place, my bathroom and looked up support groups. Apparently, I need it due to numerous times trying to fix what’s wrong, and I say about 10 words and he starts to scream and act irrational. Blaming everything on me, and oh yeah his famous line I don’t want to talk about it.

@MrsUndecided From what you describe, he does sound like an emotional abuser. Do you ever fear he may hit you? Abusers never see themselves clearly, they never think they have a problem and they blame everything on you or someone else. In that way, they're similar to narcissists.
Have you tried counseling for yourself? I had a therapist while I was married and she truly helped me keep my sanity. Just talking to her and getting her insight was so valuable.
You can always call the National Domestic Violence Hotline; you can even chat with them online at


You should check out there sight when it's safe to do so; they have a lot of great information.
You can also always come here and talk or vent, we're always here for compassion and support.
I truly wish you the best!

You might want to go to your safe space and think about whether or not continued effort will bring you happiness or misery. You only have so much energy and life. It should be spent wisely.