Feeling very blessed today. I've spent all my life learning

Feeling very blessed today. I've spent all my life learning how to "survive" people and life. After so many years of sorrow, heartache, and disappointment, life has thrown a little rainbow and ray of sunshine my way. It's been -20 to -30 for the last couple days, and my daughter and I live in a little 15 foot trailer with basically no insulation. So, keeping it warm isn't easy. And sometimes it really isn't possible. My guy picked us up on Saturday just to hate out, and he let us stay till tomorrow when it warms up. He wasn't even going to take us home tonight because of how cold it is. He treats my daughter and I with respect, gentle caring, and alot of silliness.....Regardless of what the future may or may not bring, for this moment in time, I am happy and content. And for the first time in my life, I know how it feels, to feel loved.

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Honestly, hearing other people's stories such as this I can't help but feel your emotions rubbing off. I'm glad that things are starting to work out, and thank you for spreading your joy to others, including myself

@verelinn Your a great person with a fantastic outlook. In your post, I see I've taken a lot for granted. Love is so fulfilling when it is genuine and brings so many great feelings. You really are a survivor and your perspective show that good things and good people will come into our lives. I wish you the best and have a good one!!