Feeling very Lonely


I got married almost a year back and after a few months i relalized it was the biggest mistake i ever made in my life. The family i married into and the guy are the people i wouldn't have to be liked associated to in the wildest of my dreams. The family is very raw, they have no manners or etiquettes and my husband doesn't have a spine. He just stands silently when anyone in the family (younger or elder) is saying anyting to me, sometimes he justs sees the commotion and walks by ignoring. Later, he comes and asts as if nothing has happened and everything is normal.

I am not sure if he is a maniac or just too manipulative and playing smart. The family told us many lies, cheated us with money etc etc.

I have now made a decision to walk out, but am feeling very lonely. Please help me to get some courage to go through this phase of my life.

This is not an easy and simple decision. Nothing will change immediately, it will take time to adjust and reflect about the future. If you feel lonely, it is a normal reaction, but have faith and ask God to guide you in this difficult time. Everything will work out, do not give up hope. God bless you always.

I understand that is not a simple decision. But it is still better than spending the rest of my life with a coward. Marriage is about supporting each other, sharing each other's joys and sorrows. If i am upset over anything, i can't share that with my husband because he takes it back on me at some other time, that you always seem to have problems with everyone. So i anyways feel lonely with him as i don't trust him. I do not have any support from him, neither financially, nor emotionally.

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