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Woke up this morning at 6:30AM with the reality that grass will not taste good. I am not okay but i have to accept myself and it is what it is. I would not drink sleep Gatorade. I gave up and it would be a horrible taste.

Did you and your wife talk about how you are struggling?

Dental and water meter is leaking. Called water meter for service and expecting to get a plumber if needed. She has a moller issue. She is not in much pain but she is talking about dying earlier than me. But she is in a much better shape than me. I can not adapt and struggle at my new store. I have been thinking about resigning and pharmacy will not take me back. I don’t blame them, i walked out twice. I was in pharmacy to help a few days ago and the pharmacist was all by herself. Customers were aggressive towards staff and i had it. Deletes were 4 pages long, (“expiration of where Customers do not pick up their medications within 10 days”). I have a crazy idea about starting a business designed around this but i am so dumb i could not get far with it other than an idea. I haven’t self harmed yet, and trying to look for ways to make it happen now. I keep telling her that we really need to cut our expenses but she is not registering it. We are going down really soon. I suspect within 6 months or much lesser as i do not have access to her accounts. I don’t necessarily have a clue what she means when she is relying on the current sales. I never had so many late bills in my life. I am always financially responsible. In matter of fact, i save the points on the credit card as well for backup purposes. The last time i had $3000 in points where she came in 2011. I think i have $1,500 currently in reserve. I was saving this money for the sole purpose if i went back to NJ.

That is a lot to handle. So are you are pharmacy tech or a pharmacist? We would think both are high demand jobs.

Do you and your wife really talk about things, because it feels like you might both be dancing around things that really do matter. -SG

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Neither of them, nobody at the pharmacy knows what they are doing. I ask questions and their answers were open arms up in the air. A pharmacist die because she couldn’t leave. It’s a billion dollar industry and it’s needs to be reformed. I am only waiting for the crowd to build up one day and then you will see customers jumping the counter to steal medication at my location. Sooner or later it’s going to happen. There was alot of tension between pharmacy and customers where i work at. I thought it would be a great career opportunity but it wasn’t all what it seemed. I will still study the words but i don’t think they are going to accept me back. I am not thrilled about the job that I have overall. I talked to my coworker of 2 years and she says the same thing. Usually when i train people, i tell them everything right off the bat, show them around. Explain everything and even dumb it down to better explain why. There is zero training where i work and often lost. Very lost, when i thought i was lost in mental illness. This is beyond lost