Finally admitting that I am an alcoholic

Admitting that I am an alcoholic is difficult. I drink until I passout. I wake up with bruises and don't know how they got there. I call and txt people and don't even remember that. I wake up the next morning and feel so much guilt. I take 4 vitamin B12 with a glass of water before I go to bed so I don't feel so hungover the next day and when I wake up 2 excedrin and 1 advil sinus so I can fuction - so it makes my drinking easier. I don't want to drink anymore - I want to be normal!

I started as a binge drinker and now about 6 every night I drink continuously until 10 and drink as many as 8-10 beers in that period.

I am not sure where to begin?

Hi picster, Welcome to . Have you ever gone to AA - ? If not, then I suggest checking that out. There are online meetings here . You can find information about non 12 step programs here . You might also see your doctor. Start with today by not drinking just for today. Then keep taking it one day at a time. Check out the links I gave you. Keep coming back and letting us know how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

Thank you bluidkiti. I am afraid to go to AA - my husband wouldn’t understand. So I thought I would begin here. Today will be day 2! I watched my husband have 3 drinks last night and wanted so bad to get up and just have one, but now I realize I cannot have just one. One leads to six. I will go the the online meetings and thank you for the link. ((((hugs to you too))))

Hi picster, How are you doing today? I started out going online to AA chats and meetings. Eventually with the support from the people I had met online, I was able to make it to a face to face meeting. If you feel the online meetings will work for you now, then that is fine. Take it one day at a time. Just for today, don't drink. Keep letting us know how you are doing. ((((hugs))))

Hi picster,

I read your post & i can relate to some the stories.Especially the passing out & waking up with bruises.As i said in an intro post.I've been drinking for the past 16yrs.I think the last straw was the recent argument with my dad resulted in me attacking him physically & the police being called.No charges were pressed but i've been down that road before.Now it's come to the point were he does'nt want me arround anymore.I have no where to go.That's when i finally came accross this site.Just like you.I am afraid & ashamed to go to meetings.Please let me know how you are doing.