Finally, something happened... a lot of time has passed, but

Finally, something happened... a lot of time has passed, but for once in my life I can define myself HAPPY, it's strange to say it like this. My story: it began during a party, not those stereotypical american parties but at a friend's house, something like 10 people, I brought my guitar and started playing something. I didn't know that the friend who hosted the party had such a beautiful sister who played the piano, 4 years of difference but it didn't matter. We played many other times together and yesterday we kissed, I cannot recall the last time I felt this good, the last time I felt love in my chest, maybe I've never felt it before, but **** it's a good feeling. I used to write about my experience with acne, a few experiences with girls, and probably I'll write other times if something goes wrong but I'm living the moment now and honestly I will not wthink about it. I want to thank everyone here, for the support, for sharing your problems, for everything. Know that you are not alone, and everything has an end, even problems.

Adorable. Thanks for sharing!

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That is an awesome story! You both love to play music which is cool and helped bond you both. Happiness and love are both amazing feelings. Im a stranger, but happy for you. I wish you more happiness to come :)

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@SeeingBeyondDarkness hey thanks for the comment, music helps everyone and it’s a shame that it doesn’t have as much value as it deserves. Thank you I wish a lot of happiness and love to you too.