Financial Disaster Looming Again

I think I have my own financial rain cloud (recurring).

Current situation:

64 years old - collecting early social security and teaching part-time

Wife works at large discount store

We are barely making it from month-to-month as it is.

The "problem": Social Security is threatening to cut off this year's payments because they said I made too much outside income last year!!! (...which was used to pay off old bills.)

Additional problem: I suffer from depression when these "crises" hit.

I'm not sleeping again, and don't know what to do!!!


like me u will have seen alot of these financial doom and gloom decades, its madness when u think back but as we have to try and swim upstream to survive we dont

mayb u could ask for some advice from citizens advice or the local tax office to see about the things that are deductable from your outside earnings so that u dont loose all your social security monies.

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes