First date outfit

Do you guys put much thought into what you wear on a first date? Do you think it says a lot about who you are? I realize you can only make a first impression once, I'm curious what people think.

I was having a convo with one of my closest guy friends, and he says it's very telling how a woman puts herself together. Whether her nails are done, too much makeup, playful dress vs. casual chic, jewelry (too accessorized), hair up or down, how much she drinks, etc etc. I was shocked to realize some guys actually pay attention to this stuff! I realize men are looking for different things, and where I'm from the expectations are slightly more on the superficial side, but I'm sure everyone can relate.

xo, July

That's a great question July! I do think that it really does matter and somewhat sets the precedent going forward in a way. If the guy is going out of his way to set the date, make a reservation, pick me up, etc., then the least that I can do is look nice for him. I actually don't do it for him, as much as I do it for myself, because it makes me feel good about myself to get dolled up and feel pretty. This is also because I am super casual on a day-to-day basis, so getting dressed up is fun for me.

As well, most of my guy friends really notice a girl's attire and her overall presentation on a first date, because they tell me that it shows that she cares enough to make an effort for you. Though, there is the happy medium between getting dolled up and over-doing it. No guy wants to see too much make-up or a scantily clad gal. Well, maybe a scantily clad gal for good times, but not someone to take home to mom. There has to be a good mix of good girl and sassy girl.

That's my take on it.