First day of college yesterday went ok, way more homework th

First day of college yesterday went ok, way more homework then I thought there would be for the first week. Blew me away and now I am trying very hard to find time and stay awake at 3am to get things done. Feeling a little bit overwhelmed but excited at the same time for the future once I get a good paying job and off SSI. Just know this is going to be very stressful and will need a lot of support through it all.

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Stick with it!

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I am doing good so far thanks for the support, just overwhelming still but I found I was in the wrong course. Luckily it was only a couple days into it and both the college and fafsa were fine with me switching to another one. I am doing so much better, both with focus and stress level now. Makes a huge difference on my sleep and eating habits too. I was so happy with how understanding they all were about it. ;)

It looks like hapiness! I'm a bit evny. I like such a periods of overload in your life because they bring new opportunities and make you stronger

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I withdrew and feel like a failure, but can only focus on staying sober right now. I haven't relapsed, but I am craving it very bad and the place I went for outpatient therapy can't start me for a week or two.