First day

hello friends

well, my first day here is nearly complete.. im going to be completely honest

it went okay- i feel relieved to be surrounded by support again, but at the same time its.. a weird feeling to be back here again..

the meals were so difficult.. im on a wt gain plan which seems to be the most difficult challenge right now... but i know that will get easier over time

that and not being allowed to exercise has ED going crazy. screaming negative thoughts in my head.

but- ive done this before, just gotta do it again.

hugs to you all

Thinking of you, Vanessa!! I'm so glad you're safe. And that you know it WILL get easier! ♥ Keep writing, friend!! It's sooo good to hear from you!

Love you!!


Vanessa: you are very brave!!! Thinking of you tonight!

Vanessa..thank you for checking in with us. You can do this! Thinking about you.....HUGS...Jan 3

thank you jen, molly, and jan. thinking of you guys and sending hugs and strength yyour way!!