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Hi all. I'm new to this discussion, group and website. I have been struggling with binge eating for years now. I have been in recovery, out of recovery. It seems as though whenever there are any major changes in my life, the refrigerator door comes swinging open. If you were to look at me, you wouldn't immediately say I'm fat. But I have probably gained close to 25 pounds since the beginning of May. I'm a college student. I have been sent out on my own, in a completely new environment. And I'm freaking out. I really need some support. I have an amazing family and boyfriend, friends. But it's hard to look the people who you see everyday and admit your deepest secrets. I'm hoping this online group will be that outlet for me. I'm really tired of my way of life. I will yoyo diet and then just throw all of my healthy mindsets to the wind and run into my bedroom with candy, ice cream, chips.. you name it. I want tomorrow to be the first day of the rest of my life. But I need some support to get there, any advice.. comments?

Hi LaurenRose35. I'm a college student new to the site as well. I've had my own struggles with binge eating too. I'm so glad for you that you're reaching out for support. It really is hard to reveal a such a painful part of yourself to people you see every day. When I tried, some of them really didn't understand.

I've been trying appetite awareness training to help with my binge eating. Therapy and a journal has also been very helpful. What has been key though is not depriving myself. I eat everything I want, but I try to eat them at scheduled meal times, when I'm hungry, etc. It's a lot easier when you're not feeling deprived of the things you want.

It is still really important to have people in your life you can talk to in person or on the phone. We will support you here, but it helps to have someone who loves you no matter what too! :)

Best of luck!


Thank you so much for responding to me! How long have you been doing the journalling and training? I was better today but not perfect. It seems though whenever I get stressed I freak out and run to food. At least it was a modified run to food today.


Hi LaurenRose,

Welcome. Im so glad that you have a great support network, that is going ot be so helpful on your recovery journey. It is so tough when you have an ed to not use it when you are having a stressful time. I recommend group therapy or a therapist that specializes in eating disorders to help you through recovery as well. Therapy has helped me come a long way. Mind you I still have an even longer way to be fully recovered but I know I will get there someday. Being ready to change is a huge step and accomplishment. you should be very proud of yourself. Forgive yourself if you slip up or have a tougher day and turn to food. All or most of us with eds have black and white thinking where we feel that if we dont do it right or perfect we shouldnt bother at all but know that on your recovery path you will fall but be sure to pick yourself up and learn from the fall. It is hard to be in a new environment struggling with something like this but continue to reach out on here and to your loved ones. Also remember that the more you open up to your loved one the more they will know what oyu need to help you through. Hang in there and dont give up! :)Nicole

hey! you've come to the right place, im new here too, and these people are amazing!
have you tried pushing yourself through a good therapy? iv struggled with similar things as you, and CBT has really helped me so far.
keep reaching out, and know you can totally be 100%free of this one day.
ash x

What are some things you all do to stop yourself from bingeing? Rainy days like today seem impossible to escape. I don't have to leave the house til 1230, what should I do?

Hi LaurenRose,

I find that doing things that keep my hands busy help. Things like knitting, colouring, painting my nails, typing, talking on the phone, anything that prevents you from eating at the same time. I try to stay away from watching tv or reading when Im going to binge because its too easy to do those things at the same time. Try leaving the house and going to a public place (bookstore, park, etc) or call a friend or just go for a walk. I made myself some posters using colourful markers that get my attention. I wrote eat mindfully, slow down, think before you eat among other things that help me think before I do something I regret. I posted the posters everywhere that I would go to binge. It has helped quite a bit. Just coming on here and asking for support is such a big step. Keep sharing and dont give up :)Nicole

i agree with nicole, keeping ur hands busy. i do scrapbooking, or because im not too good at it yet ill just sleep.

Hey girls! Thanks so much these suggestions have really helped me today. I didn't binge! I didn't eat the way I exactly wanted to but a MUCH better step than yesterday and the days before. I'm hoping tomorrow will be another good day :) Just hoping the pendulum doesn't swing the other way in a week or so. I'll really need your help then :( It almost always does!! I've also found not isolating myself helps A LOT. Whenever I tend to get lonely in my apartment or even outside of my apartment, I'll just want to go and hide in my bed and eat. But, this website is helping me so much. You have no idea how good it feels to come back to my computer and see your posts. I hope all of you had a good day also. Thanks for posting and thinking of me.


Hi LaurenRose,

im so happy that the suggestions helped you! Great job not binging! That is huge you should be very proud of yourself! I feel the same way about reading everyones posts. It feels so good to have the great support we get on here. Keep up the good work and know that we are here for you! Nicole

Thanks Nicole :) How is your recovery progressing?

Hi LaurenRose,

your welcome. Glad to have helped. My reocvery is going well the last few days. The weekend was a little tough but things seemed to get better. This site is really helping and my group therapy is helping too. I have been able to observe and be aware of my thoughts without judging them or putting myself down. these are huge things for me. I know I am prone to really good days and then the next day all of a sudden my mood changes and I feel like giving up but I am staying aware of that and preparing myself to feel those thoughts and then let them go if they come. Thanks so much for asking! :)Nicole

I have the same cycle! I know my mindset will change after about 8 days or so of real progress. I'm hoping I can cope and stay strong!!

You can and will Lauren. We just have to keep working at our mindset and hopefully the tough days will become less and less. Hang in there :)Nicole

:) Much appreciated. Have a good weekend!!