First GA Meeting

I did it! I went to my first GA meeting. I am no longer working my overnight job so I was awake and about and about before going to my afternoon job. It was in the same nieghborhood as the meeting that has been scheduled in my planner since jan. I was terrifed. I wanted to cry. I know that gambling has gotten the best of me. But I was welcomed with open arms and not judged. Its nice to know I am not alone!

Yes, indeed, the group welcomed me with open arms and were actually glad to see me. The addicts who resort to home invasions and steal from any and everyone in their desperate quest to get more money to gamble hurt so many innocent people. I pray that all casinos just disappear completely. I know that isn't going to happen any time soon because they are beating money out of the gamblers to build hotels and parking garages everywhere. I'm happy that those spy cameras will never see my face again.
Mary Joe